School Seal

The circle represents the world we live in. The different colors of the hands portray the diversity of the world –Caucasian, Asian, African, Indian, American and other races. The solidarity of hands means that although we have different cultures but we belong to only one race which is the human race. We have different histories as a nation but children live in harmony and peace: uniting, playing and learning, helping each other and working together in a warm, nurturing and caring environment. The school does not discriminate irregardless of one’s belief, nationality, creed or color. Each child is treated special with dignity, respect, compassion and is valued as a distinct person, thus “A school with no borders.”

The laurel leaves signify the school’s aspiration towards the development of a total child to achieve his/her maximum potential in his/her quest for self_ fulfillment and service to his/her country and a responsible global citizen.